Chunky: It’s a Blanket
Wrapped in a Hug

Weighted. Rest improving. Modern looking.

Wrap yourself in the comfort and security of the Chunky Blanket.

* Handmade * Breathable * Warm and Cozy

Get Weighed Down in a Good Way with Chunky

Handmade from 100% organic cotton, the Chunky and Weighted Knit blanket is the perfect way to provide comfort and security for yourself and those you love. Chunky offers the soothing power of a weighted blanket without sacrificing style. This blanket can be used as a throw or on a bed to improve sleep. Improving your rest is a great for your mood. You will fall in love with your Chunky!

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Chunky and Fluffy Lightweight Knit

The Chunky and Fluffy Knit blanket is perfect for those that love the chunky knit look but don't want the weighted blanket experience. Made from a ridiculously soft Chenille fabric, the Chunky and Fluffy is all-weather wonderful! It’s perfect for snuggling and keeping you cool in warm weather and cozy during the cooler months.

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