Chunky Blanket

Chunky: The Modern Day Woobie

Chunky Blanket is more than a blanket. It’s the woobie of our modern times. As a child, your woobie could have been a blanket, or a pillow, or a stuffed animal. Whatever it was, it brought comfort and security to your life.

We have designed the Chunky blanket to bring you that same feeling of comfort and security that your beloved woobie once did.

We speak from experience.

Our Founder's Story

I was born and raised in the Midwest where tornados are a fact of life. When I was very young – three or four years old – I developed a healthy fear of tornados. I was convinced that a tornado was going to come for me, and any time it would storm, I became inconsolable. My parents tried to reason with me. They tried to distract me with toys and television. Soon they discovered that the only thing that could calm my nerves on stormy nights was my favorite blanket. That little blue blanket – made of a very soft blue wool – was my protector. It worked every time.

When the opportunity to form the Chunky family presented itself, I was reminded of my woobie and how it made me feel. I definitely believe in the healing power of the blanket!

It is a belief shared by all of us here at Chunky. Our wish for you is that all of the comfort and security you found when wrapped in those wonderful blankets of childhood can be yours again – with a Chunky.